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  • Mosser Marigold Maple Leaf Cream and Covered Sugar

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    Marigold Maple Leaf Cream and Sugar

    Get ready to dress up your kitchen for fall with our Maple Leaf Cream and Sugar Set.  Made in the USA and constructed of festive marigold carnival glass.  The creamer handle end in the shape of a maple leaf molded into the pitcher.  The close up photo shows the maple leaf design as well as the decorative background. There are two maple leaves on the creamer.  The sugar lid has three maples leaves and the sugar canister also is adorned with three maple leaves.  Creamer overall dimensions:  Height: 4 1/2 inches
    Base Dia: 3 1/4 inches;  Covered sugar overall dimensions:  Height: 6 1/2 inches, Base Dia: 3 1/2 inches.